Esmil Multi-Disc Screw Press MDQ

TYPE OF INDUSTRY Poultry slaughterhouse and meat processing plant


The client could not achieve high DS content of sludge cake with the existing centrifuges (barely 13.5 % was achieved with the polymer dose of nearly 19 g/kg DS (38 lb/tonDS). Due to high operation and sludge disposal costs, the client wanted to find a more effective solution and for that was looking for other types of dewatering equipment.


Esmil brought the MDQ-101 dehydrator with ancillary equipment to the WWTP to perform on-site pilot tests. During the tests, optimum polymer type and operating parameters were determined which resulted in 30 % higher cake DS concentration and consequent reduction of sludge disposal costs as well as reduction of polymer consumption by more than 50 % compared with the existing centrifuges. The client also noted the very low energy consumption of the MDQ dehydrator and low rotation speed of its screw which resulted in slower wear and tear processes compared with the centrifuges.


Type of sludgeMixture of waste activated sludge
and anaerobically digested DAFsludge
(nearly 50:50 %)
Unit Sludge Supply0.10–0.22 m3/h (0.44–0.97 GPM)
3–6 kg DS/h (6.6–13.2 lb DS/h)
Feed Sludge DS Concentration2.86–2.99 %
Cake DS Concentration16.3–19.5 %
Average Polymer Dose4.0–8.4 g/kg DS
(8.0–16.8 lb/ton DS)
Filtrate SS Concentration40–500 mg/l (40–500 ppm)
Solid Capture97.3–99.9 %

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