Esmil Multi-Disc Screw Press MDQ

TYPE OF INDUSTRY Food and beverage industry
PLANT CAPACITIES 1,3 million litres per year


The Beverage Factory has been treating their wastewater using an external company. Due to high transportation costs, a decision was made to build their own wastewater treatment plant on-site. The full technology was developed for technological and domestic wastewater treatment to safely discharge treated water to the environment. The problem was only in utilization of generated sludge, as its transportation by an external company was of high cost. Hence, Esmil was invited to develop the technology and supply the equipment for sludge dewatering.


Aſter receiving the enquiry, Esmil professionals began calculations and selected the best dewatering equipment for the sludge regarding its fl owrate and composition. The flocculant solution preparation station was also adjusted to provide fully automatic operation of dewatering facility. Soon aſt er multidisc screw press MDQ-102C and solution preparation station SMART Mix 2100 was successfully installed and commissioned at the site. Multidisc screw dehydrator was selected considering its advantages before other equipment. With much more lower footprint compared to a decanter centrifuge and a belt fi lter press, it ensures silent and trouble-free operation with no need of periodical maintenance. Additionally, the power consumption is reduced significantly comparing to the centrifuges, and the water consumption – comparing to the belt-filter presses. What is more, even if to compare with other modern dewatering equipment such as screw press, the multidisc screw press still allows achieving of lower flocculant consumption with easier maintenance. Aſter commissioning, the complex operation was synchronized and adjusted to work automatically together with other technological equipment for wastewater treatment. Whenever DAF sludge is collected in the sludge tank, the facility starts the dewatering process that shows high effi ciency regarding to equipment capacity and a moisture content of the dewatered cake, which is then periodically taken and utilized by the external company at a greatly reduced volume achieving low operational costs.

Results and Efficiency

Type of SludgeDAF sludge
Unit Capacity25 kgDS/h
DS Content of the Sludge5,9 %
DS Content of the Cake30 %
Solid Capture Rate> 97 %
Average Flocculant Dose2,5 kg/tDS