PROJECT – Modernization of the secondary clarifier
CUSTOMER – Wodociągi i Kanalizacje Miejskie Sp. z o. o. w Augustowie
OBJECT – Wastewater Treatment Plant in Augustów
COMMISSIONING – October, 2018


Wastewater Treatment Plant is located in the South part of the Augustów city. It is a mechanical-biological type of plant adapted for deep removal of the biogenic compounds. Water needs to pass several steps and once purifi ed, it is drained to the Netta river. The maximum capacity of the plant is 10 000 m3/day. In June 2018 PRODEKO-EŁK Sp.zo.o. (Esmil Industrial Group) has been chosen as a main devices and technology supplier to accomplish the task of secondary clarifi er modernization at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Augustów.

Modernization purpose

The main goal of the modernization was to:

  • ensure the stable work of the secondary clarifier
  • increase the removal effi ciency of the fl oating parts and the sludge
  • decrease the operating costs

Initial stage

As part of the signed contract a radial sludge scraper ZGRwt-25 type and the penstock SGSM type have been supplied. The scope of work carried out included preparation of the documentation to fabricate the devices and necessary parts properly adapted to the dimensions of the clarifi er and the sewage disposal channel, as well as assembly and technological commissioning of the supplied devices.

Results and conclusions

The use of modern technological solutions in the design of devices ensures high work efficiency, energy efficiency and reliability. As a result of replacement of the existing sludge scraper at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Augustów the following were achieved:

  • increase in the efficiency of floating parts and sludge removal due to the special design of the scraper elements;
  • high level of energy efficiency of the device due to the use of energy saving trolley drive with the gearbox embedded directly within the wheel;
  • lowered operating costs of the device related to maintenance and repair.