multi-disk screw press dehydrator ekoton tsurumi

SIZE OF WWTP 2000 m3/day (528 300 GPD)
END USER Northern Hungary regional water and wastewater utility provider, ÉRV Zrt.


The client had frequent maintenance issues with their belt-filter press, therefore they decided to change it during the general reconstruction of WWTP. However, no belt-filter press manufacturer could guarantee more than 18 % DS content of sludge cake.


Esmil performed on-site pilot tests with a small MDQ model and achived 18.5-20 % cake DS content. The client was satisfied with the results and decided to purchase our equipment. Based on the required dewatering capacity, one unit of MDQ-353 C was installed. Previously installed belt-filter press is stored as a metal scrap in the territory of WWTP.


Type of sludgeWaste activated sludge from SBR
Unit Sludge Supply12-18 m3/h (53-80 GPM)
210-230 kg DS/h (463-507 lb DS/h)
Feed Sludge DS Concentration1-2 %
Cake DS Concentration18-22 %
Operation Time10 h/d
Average Polymer Dose4-6 g/kg DS (8-12 lb/ton DS)
Unit Daily Power Consumption25 kW*h

End User’s Comment

Since the comissioning, the performance of Esmil multi-disc screw press dehydrator MDQ-353 C has been stable and with no issues. With an average feed DS content of 1 %, the cake DS content is 18-22 % while maintaining the required filtrate quality. Control cabinet is equipped with a touch screen which enables setting operational parameters both for the dehydrator and a sludge pump. Operation of the dehydrator is fully automatic, therefore it requires no attention of an operator. Besides beeing almost noiseless, the performance is also reliable and faultless. Over 3-year operation period, only wash water hoses have once been replaced.

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