It is no secret that the industry market leader is the most prestigious customer for any supplier of specialized equipment in any given country. In Hungary such customer is certainly the Budapest Waterworks, FCSM Zrt., who provides wastewater treatment in Budapest. Moreover, we feel especially proud of those projects implemented in this city as they received positive professional assessment from the specialists of FCSM Zrt.

One of such projects is the project of manufacturing and installation of a unique Esmil catenary screen for rough wastewater treatment at Angyalföld pumping station that became a substitute to an older coarse screen. In the channel, 6 mtr deep and 3 mtr wide, with the existing transporting conveyor for the wastes from the screen, a new screen had to be installed as soon as possible. Our designers had to focus on the installation and commissioning procedure of the finished product, which was to be delivered from the Esmil plant in Poland.

We can rightfully consider this project as a special operation – due to its non-standard dimensions (3.2 mtr wide, 9 mtr long, weight 2,890 kg), the screen required the use of an escort vehicle; its installation into the channel required high-precision work by the Hungarian team of crane operators and installers. Under the guidance of an Esmil commissioning expert, this operation was performed with surgical precision. Almost 3 hours after the channel had been closed, a penstock was reopened, and the KR 2853 catenary screen was put into operation. The flow rate supplied for this screen ranges from average values of 5-6 thous. m3/hour to 12 thous. m3/hour.

The screen was put into operation in the middle of June of 2020 and during the past six months the operation has clearly demonstrated its efficiency and reliability. The article, published by Waterworks in a professional publication in October 2020, notes the following:

“The Esmil screen, installed in the summer, passed a successful initial inspection. The rakes, located at a distance of about 1 meter from each other, prevent the screen filtering mesh from clogging. Collected wastes remain on the screen filtering mesh for a much shorter period of time compared to the previous one. Consequently, the period of time, when wastes on the filtering mesh can be pressed through by water, is much shorter. Another advantage that could be observed is that the wastes is collected from a screen not with a help of a steel cord, but with a chain made of the same material as the screen itself. This eliminates the possibility of rupture of the steel cord and further interruption in screen operation due to the need of steel cord replacement”.

The article also states that the high efficiency of sewage treatment from all kinds of fibrous and rag materials ensures the stable operation of pumping equipment, which is the most important economic factor. The experts of the Esmil company, together with the employees of the Budapest Waterworks, continue to constantly monitor the operation of the installed catenary screen to control the effectiveness of the applied solutions and their further improvement.

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