By here with we WABRA CONTRACTOR EST note that during the cooperation with the company Esmil it has acquired a reputation as the organization of highly professional specialists, which knows subtleties of the operation of wastewater treatment facilities and develops technologies of the highest world level. We, as main contractor, are glad to work with products that are manufactured at this enterprise.

In July 2016, 2 ZSP sludge scrapers with the diameter of 10+8 m were delivered, installed and put into operation in wastewater treatment plant 1500 m3/day for Air Forces Defense in Zahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

All installed equipment has been operating stably and smoothly from 2016. One of the main advantages of this type of equipment is the serviceability and reliability, Sludge scrapers are structurally designed for a long-term trouble-free operation. No wear of moving parts are observed.

The suggested design is proved to be stable, rigid and reliable in operation. Bridge on the sludge scrapers has central drive and mounted on two independent supports that are placed out of the clarifiers. Such construction allows not carrying and weight on GLS tank where scrapers must operate.

The cleaners of walls and edges of sludge scrapers are well designed, convenient in adjustment and don’t cause dissatisfaction. All the electric part of the drive runs smoothly in various temperature conditions.

WABRA CONTRACTOR EST thanks the team of Esmil for the high quality equipment and careful attention to the needs and requirements of our enterprise during the production, delivery and adjustment of sludge scrapers.

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