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R&W Filtertechnik GmbH (Wuppertal, Germany) as a company that specializes in the field of filtering and dewatering of sludges and slurries was interested in onsite testing of a multi-disc screw dehydrator to verify its dewatering efficiency and operation parameters at the real facility as this kind of equipment is not widespread in Germany.


Esmil company together with R&W Filtertechnik GmbH performed on-site pilot tests of multi-disc screw dehydrator MDQ-101 in municipal WWTP in Radevormwald. The object of the study was the mixture of primary and excess activated sludge after anaerobic digestion and thickening. Initially, selection of optimum polymer type and dose was carried out and then optimal operating parameters of dewatering process were adjusted. The unit showed high process efficiency with high automation level along with its simplicity and was jointly recommended for the sludge treatment. At the same time, dewatering process based on multi-disc screw technology allowed to reduce electricity, polymer and water consumption compared with the existing chamber membrane filter presses assuring all requirements for further cake transportation and disposal.

Esmil multi disk screw press radevormwald


Type of sludgeThickened and anaerobically
digested mixture of primary and
waste activated sludge
Unit Sludge Supply0.09–0.26 m3/h (0.40–1.15 GPM)
2.4–6.8 kg DS/h (5.3–15.0 lb DS/h)
Feed Sludge DS Concentration2.60–2.70 %
Cake DS Concentration19.1–25.0 %
Average Polymer Dose5.5–9.7 g/kg DS
(11.0–19.4 lb/ton DS)
Filtrate SS Concentration60–700 mg/l (60–700 ppm)
Solid Capture97.9–99.8 %

Esmil multi disk screw press radevormwald

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