Esmil radial sludge scraper myszkow

PROJECT Modernization of the secondary clarifier
CUSTOMER Schumacher Packaging Zakład Grudziądz Sp. z o.o.
OBJECT Local WWTP, The Paper Factory in Myszków


The Paper Factory in Myszków was founded in early 1894 year, where at the time it was the largest paper production plant in Poland. In 2016, the factory became part of the Schumacher Packaging group. To ensure high quality standards and increased paper production plant modernization project has began. One of the main tasks of the project was to increase the throughput of the existing sewage treatment plant located on the production plant premises. In July 2018, PRODEKO-EŁK Sp.zo.o. (Esmil Industrial Group) was chosen as the main contractor for the modernization of the secondary clarifi er at the Sewage Treatment Plant of the paper factory in Myszków.

Modernization Purpose

The aim of the project was to replace the existing radial sludge scraper and the drainage system of the secondary clarifier with a diameter of 39.4 m. The mounted device is designed to ensure high effi ciency of sludge and floating parts removal.

Initial Stage

The modernized secondary clarifi er was not exploited for many years. It was equipped with a radial sludge scraper made from black steel and also concrete drainage troughs. The plan was to remove the scraper with troughs, repair of concrete elements of the clarifier, assembly of a scraper along with the trough system made from stainless steel.

Project Implementation

As part of the contract, a ZGRwt-39.4 type of a radial scraper has been delivered with a drainage trough system. The scope of work included preparation of the documentation to fabricate the parts adapted to the size of the settling tank as well as assembly and technological commissioning of the supplied devices.

Results and Conclusions

The use of modern technological solutions in the sludge scraper designing ensured high work efficiency, energy efficiency and reliability. As a result of the installation of the new scraper hasthe following goals have been achieved:

  • ensuring effective removal of the sludge and floating parts;
  • reduction of electricity consumption;
  • ensuring stable and trouble-free operation.

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