Northern Hungary Regional Sewage Plant ZRt.

Reference letter Equipment: Multi-Disc Screw Press MDQ-352C Esmil

Location: WWTP, Ozd, Hungary
Start-up date: September 2015

Since two Multi-Disc Screw Presses MDQ-353C were launched by Esmil Industrial Group, the equipment performance is faultless, it works stably and without interruptions. Discharging the cake from dehydrators takes place by screw conveyors also produced by Esmil . During the operation of the equipment it turned out that:

  • inlet sludge with dry solids content of 1 % after the Esmil dewatering Screw Press, becomes of 18-20 % while ensuring compliance with the filtrate quality regulations;
  • the equipment works completely in the automated mode, the control cabinet is equipped with a touch screen by means of which it is easy to set the operational parameters not only of the dehydrator, but also of the sludge pump and screw conveyors for cake transporting;
  • the equipment works stably in automatic mode, without the need of operator intervention during operation; the equipment works noiseless;
  • the equipment works reliably and flawlessly.

13th November 2017, Kazincbarcika

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