Esmil Aeration system - Chernigiv, Ukraine

During 2018 in tank №3 and in 2019  in tanks №2 and №4  an aeration system at the municipal wastewater treatment facilities of “Czernihivvodokanal” has been replaced into tube air diffusers from the APKV-120 series with a total length of about 1700 m.

This allowed to reduce significantly electricity consumption, as the operation of one TV-300 blower fully satisfied the technological needs (previously there were two blowers). Total savings amounted to about one million UAH per year.

In addition, these diffusers worked very well during the period of active hostilities in our region, when electricity supplies were unstable.

In the period from March 15 to April 1, 2022, due to continuous shelling and significant damage to power facilities, the wastewater treatment plant of the city of Chernihiv was cut off from electricity. All the sludge and water mixture that was in the aeration tanks at the time of shutdown, sank to the bottom. Activated sludge in this form remained in tanks for two weeks.

After the electricity supply was resumed, the tanks were gradually put into operation (they were not emptied). After half an hour of work, the sludge and water mixture was mixed homogeneously, air was supplied evenly, and the required intensity of aeration was restored in all corridors of the aeration tanks.

This proves that the dispersion layer of the diffusers was not clogged with organic matter and did not require additional rinsing and blowing in order to restore its properties.

The efficiency of the aeration system has not decreased.

During the period of operation, there were no failures in the operation of APKV series diffusers. Moreover, a fairly quick recovery period after operation in conditions of long-term power failure was noted.

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