Multi Disc Screw Press MDQ-353 CL Pasto Hungary

As part of the state program for the reconstruction and construction of wastewater treatment plants, the Hungarian general contractor and construction company Penta Kft. is implementing a project to modernize the wastewater treatment plant in one agglomeration covering the towns of Pasto, Tar and Mátraszőlős. Wastewater from Tar and Mátraszőlős is sent to the city of Pasto for treatment.

Due to the insufficient capacity of the old equipment (filter press), which could not withstand the load, the general contractor turned to Esmil Group, a leader in the production of equipment for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering. The water utility and the general contractor were looking for a solution that would not only ensure the designed performance of the treatment plant after the reconstruction (1,296 m3/day with a biological load of 14,367 LE), but also ensure the reliability of the equipment and reduce operating costs (electricity, maintenance, reagents, flushing water, etc.). To solve these problems, Esmil Group offered the MDQ-353 CL multi-disc screw dehydrator, which met all the customer’s expectations.

Multi Disc Screw Press MDQ-353 CL Pasto Hungary

The advantages of a Multi-disc Screw Press MDQ-353 CL Esmil Tsurumi:

  • Reliability and Trouble-Free Operation. The machine is robust and able to handle different kinds of sludge without problems. Screws rotate at a very slow speed (just 0.5 – 2 rpm typically).
  • Dewatering High-Fat and High-Oil Content Sludge. The multi-disc screw presses excel at dewatering sludge with high concentrations of fats and oils.
  • Optimal flocculation. The flocculation chamber is integrated into ESMIL multi-disc screw press design, creating an optimal flocculation process
  • Clean Filtrate. In the multi-disc screw press, the main filtrate volume is separated from the sludge in the thickening zone by gravity and without pressing sludge particles through the filter gaps, which creates a very clean filtrate.
  • Low Energy Consumption. Due to its innovative drum design, featuring a slowly rotating screw, the machine consumes minimal energy – approximately 0.1 kWh per 1 m3 of initial sludge – resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
  • Minimal Wash Water Usage. Because of the movement between fixed and moving discs that creates a self-cleaning effect, flushing water is needed only to remove accumulated sediment from the drum surface during operation.
  • Convenient Operation and Maintenance. Utilization of high-quality components and proven technical solutions guarantee equipment longevity and minimize maintenance needs.
  • FREA-METAL Screw Protection. A 1.5 mm strip of highly durable material (FREA-METAL) is welded onto the screw’s blade edge, enhancing wear resistance. This addition prolongs the screw shaft’s operational lifespan to approximately 50,000 hours of use.

The WWTP in Pasto is operated by ÉRV Zrt., one of the largest regional water utilities in Hungary, which is very familiar with Esmil equipment. They pay a lot of attention to optimising wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering technologies with a focus on reducing energy consumption, lowering operating costs and increasing equipment reliability and trouble-free operation. Esmil’s MDQ multi-disc screw press has proven to be an excellent solution to these challenges.

Due to the heavy load of the water utility in terms of accumulated excess sludge, the mechanical sludge dewatering system in Pasto was put into operation in February 2024, six months earlier than planned.

Multi Disc Screw Press MDQ-353 CL Pasto Hungary

Esmil multi-disc screw presses are the most efficient equipment for treating sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants and a wide range of industrial wastewater sludges, with a range of more than 24 units in various configurations. Over the last 10 years, Esmil Group has carried out more than 200 sludge treatment modernisation projects using multi-disc screw presses MDQ. Our presses are operating successfully all over the world, including the USA, EU countries, Ukraine and the Middle East. In Hungary, more than 20 projects have been realised during this period, especially in cities such as Széchenyi, Ozd, Karad, Csakvar, Bükkabrany, Dunavarszal, Prujd, etc. We are proud that our equipment ensures reliable, efficient and uninterrupted operation of water utilities.

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