Esmil Tube Air Diffusers

At the beginning of October, an aeration system based on Esmil tube air diffusers was installed and successfully put into operation at the municipal wastewater treatment plants in Salgótarján, Hungary.

The customer is the Hungarian state regional water utility ÉRV Zrt., which provides water preparation and treatment in the North-East of Hungary for more than 700,000 people, and the supplier is the Hungarian company Ekoszvít Center Kft.

Over the past 5-6 years the two companies have developed a close working relationship based on the positive experience of using the equipment of the Esmil Group supplied by Ekoszvít Center Kft.

As part of the project, an air supply and distribution system was installed in two circular aeration tanks of the city’s wastewater treatment plants in Salgótarján. The air supply system in one aeration tank includes two horizontal collectors 10 m long each, together with a vertical air pipe connected to the existing air supply pipe. The aeration system in both aeration tanks consists of 376 m of tube air diffusers evenly distributed over the entire area of the aeration tanks with a diameter of 22 m and a volume of 1140 m3 of each tank.

ESMIL polymer tube air diffusers are characterized by high efficiency of water saturation with oxygen at low-pressure losses, and furthermore, they do not require maintenance and washing. Today, ESMIL air diffusers are successfully operated not only in Hungary but also in Poland, Israel, China and the CIS countries.

After installing the air diffusers, a test run was made using clean water, after which the aeration tanks were filled with sewage and turned on for permanent operation.

EKOTON Tube Air Diffuser at the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Salgótarján, Hungary

This delivery is the second stage of the modernization of the aeration system in Salgótarján. Earlier in 2019, the first stage of the aeration tank modernization was successfully implemented, which included the installation of an aeration system with a total length of 333 m in the first aeration tank, divided into 22 aeration corridors.

To date, the total length of Esmil tube aerators operating at treatment facilities in Hungary is 3,949 running metres, but this year, according to the signed contracts, we will rise above 4,000 metres. Our company does not stop there, and the next goal is to overcome the symbolic mark of 4,800 m, the height of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe.

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