Esmil Tube Air Diffusers

ESMIL Tube Air Diffusers are efficient and reliable equipment for biological wastewater treatment at municipal and industrial enterprises. More and more domestic water and sanitation authorities are making the choice in favour of ESMIL Air Diffusers, and the water utility in Sumy is no exception.

Correct operation of the aerobic treatment system is very important for wastewater treatment plants. The aeration process consists of saturating the wastewater with oxygen, which creates conditions for the vital activity of micro-organisms and bacteria necessary for an uninterrupted biological treatment process. The first problem that treatment facilities may encounter in the event of improper operation of the aerobic treatment system and insufficient saturation of wastewater with oxygen is a slowdown in the biological treatment process, as well as sedimentation of sludge on the bottom of the aeration tank and its decay as a result. Secondly, aeration is a very energy-consuming process, which requires 50-90% of the total WWTP capacity. In the case of inefficient operation of the aerobic treatment system in aeration tanks high energy costs are inevitable, which can be avoided by installing energy-efficient equipment such as Esmil Tube Air Diffusers.

ESMIL Tube Air Diffusers perfectly meet these requirements. Due to the small size of the air bubbles of 2 to 3 mm, high oxygen transfer efficiency and effective mixing of activated sludge with the wastewater are ensured. The use of fine-bubble aeration allows provision of optimal modes for biological wastewater treatment, and due to the unique design of the Tube Air Diffusers, this equipment is highly reliable, with low head losses and, as a result, low operating costs with a wide range of productivity.

The need to replace the aerobic treatment system at the WWTP in Sumy was caused by the demand to modernize the equipment – the previous aerobic treatment system had been working at the wastewater treatment plant for more than 10 years and had already exceeded its life cycle.

During 2020, new Esmil Tube Air Diffusers were installed in three aeration tanks at the wastewater treatment plant in Sumy. Two Air Diffusers were installed and put into operation at the end of September, and the third one was installed at the beginning of November and is currently undergoing a commissioning phase. Thus, the efficient operation of 75% of the aerobic treatment system of the enterprise is ensured by Esmil equipment.

Based on the results of the operation of two aeration tanks with new Air Diffusers, the representatives of the operating organization noted significant energy savings (by 160 kW/h compared to consumption before modernization) and improved wastewater treatment quality.

We shall admit that Esmil Polymer Tube Air Diffusers successfully operate not only in Ukraine and the CIS countries but also at foreign water utilities in Hungary, Poland, Israel, China and the USA.