ESMIL Conference 2019

The 24th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Technologies and Equipment for the Water Industry” was held in Jumala, Latvia between the 7th and 10th of October 2019. The ESMIL Industrial Group was the leading organizer of this conference.

This year the conference brought together over 100 specialists from the wastewater treatment field not only from Europe but also from the CIS countries. Among the conference participators were representatives of the municipal water and wastewater utilities, industrial establishment, design and engineering companies, leading manufacturing companies, industry associations and social media.

EKOTON Conference 2019

The conference was started by the open discussion with leaders of the following industry associations:

  • Latvia water and wastewater works association
  • Izba Gospodarcza Wodociągi Polskie
  • Russian Association of Water Supply and Sanitation
  • «Kazakhstan Su Arnasy» Water Supply and Sewerage Utilities Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Association “Aqua-Bel”, Belarus

The main issues raised during the discussion were legislation, wastewater treatment standards and raising funds for the reconstruction of wastewater treatment fields.

Conference participants also had the opportunity to learn more about technological innovations presented by the equipment manufacturers.

EKOTON Conference 2019

During the plenary sessions over 20 reports were provided. The representatives of the following companies were among the speakers: Solenis Eurasia, Alfa Laval, Penetron, Xylem, Howden Turbo, GEA Refrigeration, Veolia and many others.

Predominate topics were those such as waste management (ESMIL Industrial Group has presented a new line of equipment for washing solids and waste), methods using membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment, energy-saving issues, cleaning industrial wastewater using membranes and others.

The organizers and participants of the conference would like to thank all concerned for the interesting reports, the fascinating trip to the wastewater treatment plant in Riga and the intensive exchange of experience to the management of the wastewater treatment plant SIA “Rigas Udens”, as well as the water utility SIA Jurmalas Udens for an exciting tour of Jurmala.

EKOTON Conference 2019

The organizers of the conference would also like to acknowledge all partners who assisted in holding the event as well as the companies that participated in the conference. We will be glad to see all of you at the next ESMIL Conference, which will be held in 2021!

EKOTON Conference 2019


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