Gallicoop factory in Szarvas, Hungary

The Esmil Group has completed the installation of a new aeration system at the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of the Gallicoop turkey meat producing plant in Szarvas, Hungary. The system is based on Esmil fine-bubble tube air diffusers and was chosen for its excellent performance in terms of high efficiency, low power consumption, high reliability, and minimal servicing requirements.

The project was carried out by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Magyarország Zrt, the general contractor. While Esmil Group has collaborated with Veolia on more than ten projects in Hungary, this is the first project where Esmil tube air diffusers have been installed for the biological treatment stage. However, Esmil has previously supplied APKV diffusers for aeration technology managed by Organica.

Organica water’s greenhouse at the Gallicoop factory in Szarvas, Hungary

The Esmil aeration system used in this project consists of 80 tube air diffusers, each 2 meters long. These diffusers are installed on regulated supports that can be adjusted in height and are directly connected to the headers and collecting pipes. The installation and start-up of the system proceeded smoothly, thanks to clear assembly procedures. The Esmil tube air diffusers were installed in the aeration tanks in branches of 1, 2, and 3.

The moments of the start-up of the Esmil aeration system

Esmil tube air diffusers have a unique design that allows for efficient aeration at low operating costs. The small diameter of the air bubbles (2-3 mm) effectively saturates the wastewater with oxygen, while ensuring effective mixing and preventing sludge stagnation in the tank. Additionally, tubular aerators offer high flexibility in terms of regulating air supply and resistance to hydraulic impacts. Esmil aerators do not require aeration tanks to be stopped for cleaning, as they are resistant to mechanical damage and harsh environments. Moreover, they have extremely low energy consumption compared to other types of aerators and are easy to install.

The Gallicoop is the largest turkey meat-producing company in Hungary, employing around 1,400 people. It operates an integrated closed production system and processes approximately 40,000 tonnes of livestock annually. The company exports its turkey products to Europe, Asia, and Africa, and has established itself as a domestic market leader in turkey meat production. Gallicoop is committed to maintaining and surpassing its own standards in food safety and quality.

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