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The armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine led to the significant destruction of the critical infrastructure of Ukraine, including water and wastewater facilities. Thanks to the response of the world community since the first months of the war, Ukrainian water utilities regularly receive help from international partners, humanitarian and charity missions. As part of such cooperation, several complex projects for the reconstruction of treatment facilities were developed, in which the Esmil Group took an active part. Among the facilities modernized within the framework of international cooperation is one of the largest wastewater treatment plant in Ukraine, Kharkiv WWTP, where 16 Esmil mechanical screens have been installed.

The correct and reliable operation of mechanical screens is very important for the efficient operation of equipment at all stages of wastewater treatment. High-quality mechanical cleaning allows to protect pumping equipment, prevent clogging of pipelines, prevent silting of channels and technological structures. The Esmil Group offers a wide range of screens and fine screens, which we select individually depending on the performance of wastewater treatment plants, the characteristics of the incoming flow and the specifics of the technological process of a particular plant. A significant number of wastewater treatment plant reconstruction projects in Ukraine during the last year focused on the modernization of equipment at the stage of mechanical wastewater treatment.

Thanks to the help of UNICEF, the reconstruction of water treatment facilities of Kharkiv WWTP was planned. Currently, the installation of 10 Bar Screens RKE-1524 with a bar spacing 5 mm on wastewater treatment facilities No.1 takes place, while the installation of 6 Bar Screens RKE-1824 with a bar spacing 6 mm is in progress on facility No. 2. The capacity of the treatment facilities No.1 is 500,000 m3/day, and each screen can handle 3,000 m3/h. Accordingly, the capacity of treatment facilities No. 2 is 200,000 m3/day, while the capacity of each screen is 3,500 m3/h. The “water drop” profile of the filtering mesh minimizes its hydraulic resistance and increases the throughput of the equipment. Waste does not get stuck between the rods, and the screens are not only resistant to the presence of sand and stones in sewage, but also ensure reliable, efficient and trouble-free operation under very high loads.

In February, the installation of Esmil mechanical screens is planned for two more wastewater treatment plants, this time as part of projects implemented with the support of IOM (International Organization for Migration). Thus, a Bar Screen RKE will be installed at the pumping station of Borodyanka WWTP, and at the pumping station of Bila Tserkiv WWTP – a Back Racked Screen RP with reverse rake rods. This type of equipment is characterized by a high throughput, an improved mechanism for removing waste from the filter mesh and a special design of the rake mechanism, which ensures reliable operation of the equipment without jamming even in the presence of fibrous screenings.

Also, the manufacturing process of 18 Esmil Back Raked Screens for the Zhytomyr, Khmelnytskyi and Berdychev wastewater treatment plants is already starting at the Esmil group factories.

At the request of the customer, drives with the IP68 protection can be used, which are resistant to flooding and can work again immediately after the power supply is restored, which is very important in the conditions of a general lack of electricity supply and regular emergencies in the power supply.

We are proud of the fact that Esmil equipment is a strong leader in the Ukrainian market, and we are making every effort to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of treatment facilities in this difficult time.

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