PROJECT – Modernization of the Central Pumping Station in Brodnica, Poland
CUSTOMER – Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company Ltd. in Brodnica, Poland
OBJECT – Central Pumping Station at Piaski Street in Brodnica
COMMISSIONING – January – March 2023

Modernization plans and objectives 

According to the modernization plan for the Central Pumping Station on Piaski Street in Brodnica, the purpose was to replace the existing worn-out mechanical screens with bar screens and to increase the efficiency of solids removal from incoming wastewater. The entire modernization of the facility has been divided into the following stages: 

  • Stage No. I – January 2023 – delivery and installation of the first catenary screen KR 1322 with a clearance of 8 mm for wastewater channel No. 1
  • Stage No. II – March 2023 – delivery and installation of the second catenary screen KR 1322 with 8 mm clearance for wastewater channel No. 2
  • Stage No. III – planned – delivery and installation of a screw compacting press to reduce the amount and degree of moisture of the generated debris.

Situation before modernization

The city’s wastewater flows through one main sewer, which is divided into two identical channels, each with a width of 1240 mm and a depth of 2100 mm.

Prior to the replacement of the equipment at the pumping station, there were quite frequent problems caused by the failure of already depleted mechanical screens. In addition, the solid debris collected by the screens that were dumped on the trailer contained a large amount of water.

The main problems encountered so far by the pumping station staff included:

  • problems associated with a quite high failure rate of the depleted screens
  • high costs associated with repairing and maintaining the screens in continuous operation
  • the need for constant supervision and response to problems related to the ongoing operation of the pumping station.


After discussions with the Customer and after analyzing the situation of working conditions at the pumping station on Piaski Street in Brodnica, ESMIL PRODEKO-EŁK specialists decided to select for this project two catenary mechanical screens KR 1322 with a clearance of 8 mm with an average throughput of Qavg=1300 m3/h each. 

Screens Esmil

Installation of the new equipment allowed to obtain the following results:

  • the amount of removed screenings has increased significantly due to the use of a screen with a clearance of 8 mm;
  • the special design of the chain made it possible to more effectively collect and extract from wastewater various types of pollutants flowing in it, including large amount of wipes;
  • the time required to service the screens was reduced by 90% to the necessary minimum;
  • there has been a significant decrease in the number of breakdowns and repairs at the downstream stages of wastewater treatment and sludge treatment;
  • the need to work in manual mode has been eliminated, through the use of automation of the operation mode.


The modernization of mechanical wastewater treatment at this pumping station carried out so far has made it possible to increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment of large and medium pollutants thanks to the use of catenary screens. These types of screens are equipped with a chain of special design and do not have any bearings and shafts in the part submersed in the wastewater. Thanks to such protection, further stages of wastewater treatment are also protected from the adverse effects of solids flowing in the wastewater.

In addition, MWWTP in Brodnica plans to expand the currently installed screenings collection system with a screw compacting press in the future. They plan to install it behind the screens, which would allow the press to receive debris collected by both screens, wash it, and then compact it and transport it to a trailer or container. The use of screw compacting press will make it possible in the future to reduce the volume and weight of the debris generated by up to 3 times.

The modernization of the mechanical wastewater treatment equipment at the Central Pumping Station on Piaski Street in Brodnica, which has been carried out so far, has fully met the set requirements and ensured stable and trouble-free operation of further stages of wastewater treatment.

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