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In January 2021, the ESMIL Group took part in the modernization of the wastewater pumping station No. 2 of the Water Utility “Gorvodokanal” in Sumy. To improve the quality of wastewater treatment, a set of equipment for mechanical wastewater treatment was manufactured at the ESMIL’s plant based on two bar screens, a waste compacting press and a conveyor for retained waste transportation.

Wastewater pumping station No. 2, with a throughput of 40,000 m3/day, is the most powerful among the city’s sewage stations and provides pumping of wastewater from residential areas of the Kursk microdistrict, Metallurgov Str. and the entire central part of the city. The need for reconstruction was caused by a significant deterioration of the operated equipment and, as a result, a decrease in the quality of wastewater treatment and high operating costs (current repairs of old equipment, high power consumption).

The ESMIL mechanical wastewater treatment complex is a reliable and effective solution for removing mechanical impurities from wastewater. Depending on the qualitative composition of wastewater and the required degree of treatment, we offer a wide range of mechanized sewer screens (rake, bar, step, catenary, drum screens, etc.). For this project, we have proposed Esmil back-raked screens, which have a high throughput and effectively remove fibrous contaminants from the wastewater without the risk of jamming the mechanism. Our screens are made of corrosion-resistant materials (AISI 304/316 stainless steel at the customer’s choice). The screens are reliable and easy to operate. The screen mechanism is located behind the filter cloth and gets in contact with already purified water, which significantly reduces the likelihood of dirt deposits forming on the mechanism or its jamming by large objects, and the absence of moving elements under water greatly facilitates service and maintenance.

Wastes retained on the screens are transported using a screw conveyor. This equipment is constructed with a unique one-piece axleless screw to provide efficient transportation, prevent clogging and reduce stress on the drive. The conveyor screw can be made from St.52.3 steel or high-strength alloys ranging up to 350 BHN, which ensures long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Then the waste is fed to the screw compacting press. This equipment not only improves the sanitary and hygienic situation in the mechanical treatment workshop but also allows reducing the volume of waste by 6-7 times, which significantly reduces the cost of transporting the detained waste to the storage sites.

All equipment is combined into a single complex and automated using the Esmil intelligent control system. This reduces energy consumption and the need for maintenance personnel.

The commissioning of the ESMIL mechanical treatment complex based on bar screens allowed the Sumy Water Utility to make the quality of wastewater treatment better, reduce operating costs and improve the environmental situation in the region.

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