Ekoton Catenary Screen

At the beginning of April 2021, a mechanical treatment complex based on ESMIL Satenary Screens was put into operation at the Bilge Pumping Station No. 41 of the Slavsky District of the Kaliningrad Region. The project was implemented jointly with Rutok LLC, which also supplied FLYGT axial flow pumps.

Esmil Catenary Screen is a reliable solution for mechanical cleaning at sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and water-intake facilities. The screens protect the equipment in the many different stages of wastewater treatment by removing large objects and other items that can cause deterioration of the equipment or cause accidents. It even handles large debris in large waste streams.

Ekoton Catenary Screen

The main advantages of the Esmil Catenary Screens:

  • The special design of the chain allows the screen to work without jamming even when removing large debris from the channel.
  • Powerful chains of the screen are maintenance-free and designed for many years of operation without replacement.
  • The screen casing is designed with an increased margin of safety based on testing under conditions of high hydraulic loads.

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