In December 2020, a complex for mechanical wastewater treatment based on Esmil equipment including RKE rake screens, a screw conveyor and a waste compacting and washing press was installed and put into operation at the South Aeration Station in Dnieper.

The design capacity of the treatment plant is 45,000 m3/day, however, the South Aeration Station processes 20,000 m3 of wastewater per day. The necessity for the modernization of the mechanical treatment stage was caused by the fact that the equipment used at the treatment facilities became obsolete and worn out. Manual screens did not cope well with debris retention, which, as it is known, negatively affects the quality of treatment at subsequent stages and the operation of wastewater treatment facilities in general.

Esmil Group is a manufacturer of a wide range of equipment for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering. The equipment manufactured at the company’s factories is made of high-quality materials, is characterized by high productivity and treatment efficiency, and is also well known worldwide as the company has implemented many successful projects in the EU, USA, Canada, Israel. The Esmil equipment complex for mechanical wastewater treatment consists of RKE rake screens with a 16 mm gap, a screw conveyor and a screw compacting press. This effective and reliable solution has proven itself in dozens of wastewater treatment plants in Ukraine and around the world hence the Esmil was chosen as a supplier of equipment for the South Aeration Plant.

RKE Rake Screens are an ideal solution for the first stage of mechanical treatment at the wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations to remove contaminants from wastewater, protect pumping equipment and reduce the load at the next stages of treatment. A wide range of the gap spacings of the screen web from 5 to 100 mm allows selecting equipment for both rough and fine purification, taking into account the specifics of the contaminants in the wastewater coming for the treatment. At the South Aeration Station, the screens with a gap of 16 mm gap were used, which ensures high-quality filtering of wastewater, and the unique teardrop-shaped profile of the screen grate minimizes its hydraulic resistance and increases the throughput of the equipment. Garbage does not stuck between the bars, and the screen is resistant to the presence of sand and stones in the wastewater. In terms of reliability and efficiency, RKE screens are one of the best solutions on the market for wastewater mechanical treatment.

Furthermore, the Esmil mechanical treatment complex includes a screw conveyor for transporting waste caught by the screens. A special feature of this equipment is a one-piece, axle-free screw manufactured using a unique technology, which ensures efficient transportation, prevents clogging and reduces the load on the drive. The conveyor screw is manufactured from painted carbon St.52.3 steel or high-strength alloys ranging up to 350 BHN, which ensures long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment.

The conveyor pushes the waste retained on the screen into the screw compacting press, where the volume of the waste is reduced 6-7 times. This solution improves the sanitary and hygienic conditions in the mechanical treatment workshop and allows reducing significantly the cost of transporting the retained waste to the storage sites.

All equipment is combined into a single complex and automated using the Esmil intelligent control system, which reduces energy consumption and the need for maintenance personnel.

The implementation of this project increased the efficiency of wastewater treatment at the South Aeration Station in Dnieper, as well as reduced the negative impact on the environment in the region.

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