Esmil Tube Air Diffusers

In 2021, aerotanks based on APKV Esmil polymer tube air diffusers were put into operation at the Tian MA municipal wastewater treatment plant in Xiamen, Fujian Province in South China. The equipment of this type has gained popularity among consumers in China due to its high efficiency, low power consumption, high reliability and the minimum scope of service work. Every year, dozens of biological treatment facilities based on Esmil air diffusers are commissioned in China, and we are proud to have not only municipal water utilities among our customers but also such progressive industrial enterprises as Tesla GigaFactory in Shanghai, the Baoshan metallurgical company and others.

For the third stage of the modernization of the Tian MA municipal wastewater treatment plant in Xiamen with a capacity of 12,000 m3/day, we supplied 2,446 running meters of tubular air diffusers. It should be noted that biological treatment is one of the most important stages for the proper operation of wastewater treatment facilities in general. In case of ineffective operation of the aeration equipment, sludge may decay, thus causing the spread of unpleasant odors and deterioration of technological parameters of wastewater treatment. The second problem that operating companies may face is high exploitation costs, while a malfunctioning aeration system increases the consumption of Electricity mainly as a result of high-pressure losses or the need to increase the airflow due to damage to the dispersion layer.

The unique design of Esmil air diffusers allows avoiding these problems. Due to the small diameter of the air bubbles (2-3 mm), wastewater are effectively saturated with oxygen, which prevents the formation of „dead zones”. Furthermore, representatives of water utilities note the high adaptability of the system in terms of air supply regulation, which allows for more precise following of the oxygen demand. What is more, Esmil air diffusers do not clog, therefore, There is no need to empty the tank and clean them. Also, APKV diffusers are resistant to mechanical damage and aggressive environments, and they are characterized by extremely low energy consumption compared to other types of aerators. 

Besides, many operating companies note the ease and simplicity of installation of Esmil air diffusers. Our tube air diffusers are supplied complete with adjustable supports, and it is possible at the request of the Customer to manufacture an aeration system with a lifting mount or adapt the layout of the aeration system to non-standard tanks (reactors).

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